Friday, February 5


Did you know that if you accidentally return a personal DVD to Netflix in the little white sleeve you will NOT get it back? Turns out they will give you $9.99 in credit for the loss of you DVD which is awfully nice considering I have no idea what DVD I returned. So if their system doesn't catch it, someone out there is going to be expecting an Al Pacino cop thriller and may be getting Thomas the Train instead!

The scary part to me is that I thought I checked the DVD to make sure I was returning the right thing. Just like I thought I made scones correctly the other day and after cooking them and taking the first bite determined I forgot the butter. Or three weeks ago when I carefully paid two bills on line and then forgot to enter it in my check register and only just now caught as I balanced my checkbook (thank you Quicken). And I'm not currently nursing a baby or working outside the home! Kudos to all you women who work hard at home and the office and still remember to pay your bills on time, send birthday cards, return library books, bring all the right gear to ski lessons and pick up your children at school! Way to go!

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